Suppress Your Appetite Without Willpower

It's difficult to control weight without being able to regulate your hunger and craving for food. Controlling your appetite is actually a matter of willpower and good organization of eating habits.

Have you ever blamed yourself for lack of self-control, failing to suppress your appetite again and again?

We offer you an alternative way. Before a meal you can visit this site to change your perception of food for a while. The effect won't last long but for the next 30 minutes or so you'll probably be far less enthusiastic about food.

We show you three groups of pictures related to food, one by one. All of the pictures are divided into three levels by their effect. The further the stronger.

You start with the first level. You need to take a good look at the pictures and if you don't feel any change in your hunger, go to the next level and repeat this again, otherwise click "enough". Please don't go to the next level if you feel yourself "not so hungry" already. It's important.

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